New Lens!

My new 85mm 1.8f lens came in the mail! And just as I put it on my camera and took a few shots of the kids- my battery died. The charger is no where to be found. But I did get a fun one of Eva!


JMD Vintage FREE Action for PS

I developed a simple little vintage action for those of you looking to add a little history to your shots. This is a base action where you can tweak the settings to your own liking to achieve the looks you desire.

You can make it cool or warm, but it gives that nice grainy look to your shots. This version has instructions added to the action.

This was developed in Photoshop CS3, however it should work in CS4 and 5. Tell me how you like it! Visit my FACEBOOK page and like it!

Click here to download the action:MD Vintage Action for PS (Version CS3+) (1063)



Baby Justus is Here!

Justus John Mark made his presence May 6th, 2011 weighing 7lbs 14oz . He was a hard birth marking the toughest of my 7 on time scale, but he is doing really well.

Hello !

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